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So I am shopping for my first Tundra after losing my F150 to an accident where my truck was hit.

Anyhow, I am very frugal, and keep vehicle for long time. Past experiences with Honda and Toyota have been excellent, and lack a real truck from Honda, I am searching for another Toyota.

I have found a 2016 SR5 CrewMax 4x4, with TRD Offroad Option, SR5 Upgrade Package, bedliner, and NO Nav (I hate the in-dash NAV and phone apps). MSRP of just over $43,500 , Invoice of just over $41,000... offered to be by dealer for $38,000 OTD ... (NOT including TTL, here you pay taxes on your own after purchase). No other dealer is willing to come within $1000 of that price. NOTE: It still needs a set of step bars for the wife, I was thinking NFAB steps.

But, is it a good price? I would be more tempted at 37, or 37,500... not sure if they would do that.

However, I found a used 2014 F150 SuperCrew 4x4 with the 5.0, certified used (extra warranty) for $30,000... so that is also tempting.

Thought on price for Tundra? How about the Ford at the price difference?
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