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2018 Crewmax Cold Start Noise

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If the truck sits for a few days its common for it to make this noise on its first start and then not heard again until I leave it again for another few days. Dealer says the same thing happens on their plow truck sporadically and they cant figure it out. They told me to live with it....

I thought it might be the bendix but they told me they wouldnt pull the starter to inspect unless they were sure it was the issue.
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Couldnt really here the noise yours is making even with my speakers cranked. Either way since you are still under warranty just make sure they have it in writing that this is documented. At least then if something big comes from it after your warranty expires you still might be able to get it covered should it be something expensive.
Mine makes a nasty noise only on really cold days in the winter time. Only way to describe it would be maybe like a vacuum cleaner with the bearings letting go. I did take it to the dealer but its hit and miss when it happens and never did figure it out. Still does it but so far after 8 years not getting worse and I still dont know what caused it.
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