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I have 5 Tundras over the years, and I like the truck. Two issues I shall share and see if any of you have the same:

1) The first two were great, 3, 4 and 5 have been less as stellar. The largest problem with 3,4,5 has been front brakes. With 3 I had shaking in the steering wheel with just over 10,000 miles. I took it in and is was repaired under warranty. It did happen twice. Now 4 was about the same process, but when I took it in at 12,000 they would fix it, but no longer under warranty. I complained to the service manager and they did a one time fix (true rotors/new pads). Now 5 has the same problem, and I don't tow anything very heavy. This time Toyota had no interest in
fixing the problem that has occurred on 3,4,and 5. Went to a recommend brake place and there I purchased new front rotors and pads. The repairman said Toyota knows the problem as the weight of their truck has increased over the years and no upgrades to the rotors. They are not even tempered from the factory, but the aftermarket ones that are sold and Toyota's replacement ones a tempered and better. So instead of a somewhat simple fix of tempering the rotors, they instead sell us the same thing and they make money on the repair and replacement on the trucks year after year. Not a bright spot for Toyota.

2) My 2010 had great back seats. I have had a number of double cabs and liked the slide forward and tilt back seats. When I purchased my next one I did not notice until I got it home. Someone in design thought it would be better to have fold down seats for extra storage. What, I ordered a double cab for people not storage, I have a truck bed for storage. Wish design would ask their consumers what they think before making that type of move. Sad.
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