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I'm new so don't hate if this is already covered I just wanted to post for the sake of learning.

Id like to to lift my 2000 TRD Tundra with blistens maxed out and I know many people go 285/75/16 to fill in the space, height and width wise.
I don't know if I should go 285/75/16 because I know that depending on the brand (I was thinking of buying General Grabber At2) the tire will rub and I don't want to cut the pinch weld. So I thought that 265/75/16 with an agressive tread and put some wheel spacer to push it out under the fender flare would look good.

would the tire look too small in height??
the stock 265/75/16 doesnt come out to the fender flares and looks odd to me. Thus a wheel spacer.

Any thoughts on this setup?

I know a user on here had the blisten and 265/75/16 with no spacers and didn't like them ( I've looked trough his build a dozen times he has a red tundra with a topper, his name escapes me)

EDIT: The user I'm thinking of is Derek from Expedition Portal not here sorry.
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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