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Hi all, never been on a forum before, hoping this is the right thread.

I've been modifying my sequoia for the last couple of years, and finally got my suspension installed*. Other than my power steering going out, and me messing up re-installing my clock spring, there have been no issues with the setup. I do some off-roading and beach driving, which has brought my attention to a noise coming from the rear wheels(I was afraid it was my steering rack at first coming from the front).

After every pothole/large roll-through patch on the road/trail there is a sort of springy noise that sounds like trampoline springs being compressed. I am hoping that is a sound that the springs are supposed to make, I just have no idea. I'll be 19 this year and it is my first car/truck/driving-thing, and I have a lot to learn, so I would definitely appreciate any advice :)

I will include pictures sometime tomorrow.

Dobinsons Front Springs 1.75" lift: Dobinsons 4x4 1.75

Dobinsons Rear Springs 1.75" lift: Dobinsons 4x4 1.75

Adjustable Bilstein 5100s Front & Rear: Bilstein 5100 0.87-2.5" Front and 0-1" Rear Lift Shocks for 2008-2020 Toyota Sequoia

ReadyLift 3" F/ 2" R : 3
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