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last year we bought a 2nd gen tundra with the following specs

113k miles
5.7 flexfuel engine
4X4 trans
rock warrior package (pretty sure this is just looks)

with zero mods other than a tow hitch and tinted windows.

my job changed from a 35min commute each way, to work from home. were hoping to keep the truck as long as humanly possible since we are on track to pay it off this year and would love to know what not having a car payment feels like. naturally I became obsessed with making sure we were doing everything we can to keep it running as long as possible (as most of the people in this forum are)

so far we've done 1 oil change (since the most driving I do now is to the hardware store or the gym on a regular basis) and we went with synthetic.

i came across this video

which was good and bad. since we bought the truck from carmax there were no service records available to see what has been changed and what was not changed. I've also become aware that the 120k mile mark is kinda of a big deal since this is when water pumps/secondary air pumps and a bunch of other little things start to wear down that could potentially be catastrophic.

the truck did have a couple of super minor issues (auto locks didn't work and were replaced, microphone for bluetooth was dead also replaced, and the LED that shows the gear your are in sometimes works and sometimes it does not). but overall the truck runs great.

my concerns are the following:

1. there seems to no general consensus on the transmission fluid change (as stated in the video)
2. sparkplugs?
3. don't have any coolant or oil leaks yet, any preventative measures to make sure they don't surprise us? (worth it to change the water pump as a preventative measure?
4. not too worried about rust since we don't drive it much and wash it regularly (probably some undercoat later this year) and there is barely any rust under the truck. checked it out when we put the hitch and it looks like its never seen mud.
5. tranny cooler? we do tow a smaller trailer, a camper among other things on a pretty regular basis (basically the reason why we bought the truck)

if there's a resource or something that shows what to check at the 120k mile mark I would be forever grateful


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You could get a million responses and all would be different but I will share my 2 cents. Change all the drive line fluids, tranny, transfer case, diffs etc. You have no idea what the previous owner did as far as towing etc. so change those. As for the rest of it, I never understood doing work on a vehicle that didnt need it so if it were me, I wouldnt change things like coolant or plugs etc. If there's no issues to indicate a problem with how it runs, drive on and enjoy.
And I dont think water pumps or air pumps are prone to fail at the 120 mark. My water pump failed at something like 18k while still under warranty, some never fail.
Air pumps seem to be the same thing, sometimes they fail, sometimes they dont.
As for rust you didnt say what year or where you live but if you dont live in the salt belt and the truck never came from there then enjoy. If it came from the salt belt I would treat it at least once.
Enjoy the new ride.
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