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2wd in light snow ??

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I have a 2wd DC Trunda on order. It should be in first week of April I hope I did'nt make a mistake.
I live in S.E. Michigan, close to paved streets I have no problem with my old camry (front drive only). The Tundra with traction control, maybe snow tires on back, and weight in the bed I think I will be ok. I drive most of the time on Hwy. Hope to save MPG and some up front money going with 2wd.
Anybody had any experince with slippery roads and a 2wd 2007 Tundra?
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No personal experience with the new Tundra, but you shouldn't have a problem. I spent a good bit of time in the Detroit/Ann Arbor/Ypsi area driving in snow in a 2wd truck. Didn't have any problem with it. As long as you stay on the streets, you shouldn't have any troubles with it within controllable means. :tu:
My Tundra 4x2 sr-5 dbl cab showed up here in NY from TX last week, night before a snow/ice storm.

No problems:tu:

The traction control did kick in once or twice but the truck was very stable and under control unlike many, many other vehicles that day.

Then again I used to drive an old s-10 2wd through a Minnesota winter...:D
My Tundra performed wonderfully in the snow. I spent more time in 2wd than 4. The roads were not plowed so everyone was falling in behind me so I could make the path for everyone else.
Had the first chance to drive in snow with the new truck last week. I live about 1800' above the city also, pretty good hills. Very impressed in 2WD. Traction control only came on when I wanted it to, to get a feel for the noises and performance etc. Very good traction. Most impressive were the breaks though. Also wanted to get a feel for the ABS. Very difficult to get it to kick in. Extremely good breaking in snow/slush. I have 4WD but had no need to to use. Much different from the '02 4WD I traded in, would have had to put into 4WD for sure. I think the extra weight of the truck makes a noticeable difference.
Thanks for the input. I can't wait for the truck to get here.!!
The tundra does a good job in 2wd but it is very very impressive in 4wd.It's always comforting to know you have 4wd for those tough situations that come up.While saving some money initially is nice you may kick yourself down the road for not getting 4wd,just my opinion.:D
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