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I'm thinking about trading in my 07 Tacoma DC Prerunner for the new Tundra. I had a 01 Tundra AC with the 4.7 and that truck was great but the mileage was only about 15-16 mpg in the city. I like the look of the new Tundra DC. I was wondering can you get a Tundra DC 5.7 with the 3.90 axle ratio. I'm thinking without the tow package the 5.7 comes with either a 3.90 or the 4.10 and is there any major difference? I don't really tow much so I don't need a 4.30 rearend. Any advice on gear ratio for this truck would be helpful. I'm hoping with the higher gear ratio maybe the fuel mileage would be a little better. I've read the 5.7 is a little better than the 4.7 on gas and realize the 6 speed tranny helps the 5.7 in that area.


2007 Tacoma DC Prerunner
2006 Prius with Nav.
I"m pretty sure the Tundra's come equipped with either a 4.10 or 4.30.

The 4.30's will actually give you better gas mileage around town becuase they make the engines job of accelerating easier. It's on the highway you'll see slightly higher revving, but consider that the 5.7 has the 6 speed auto tranny which probably has a pretty low overdrive gear even despite the 4.30 gear ratio. I say take a test drive, get 'er up to highway speeds and see what the revs are like, and perhaps some of the people here will chime in. Consider that you are asking a lot to get great gas mileage out of a 5600 pound truck no matter how efficient the V8 is or not.
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