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I'm thinking about trading in my 07 Tacoma DC Prerunner for the new Tundra. I had a 01 Tundra AC with the 4.7 and that truck was great but the mileage was only about 15-16 mpg in the city. I like the look of the new Tundra DC. I was wondering can you get a Tundra DC 5.7 with the 3.90 axle ratio. I'm thinking without the tow package the 5.7 comes with either a 3.90 or the 4.10 and is there any major difference? I don't really tow much so I don't need a 4.30 rearend. Any advice on gear ratio for this truck would be helpful. I'm hoping with the higher gear ratio maybe the fuel mileage would be a little better. I've read the 5.7 is a little better than the 4.7 on gas and realize the 6 speed tranny helps the 5.7 in that area.


2007 Tacoma DC Prerunner
2006 Prius with Nav.
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