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Hey, I drove a 5.7 DC SR5 the other day; yes, of course it was sweet. Didn't happen to drive the 4.7 version; for those of you that have driven both, or own the 4.7, how does she perform compared to the 5.7? I can get a better deal right now on the 4.7, so that's why I'm asking.

Thanx, Lance
I have owned a 4.7 dc since mid Feb, and it is a great ride. To me, it does not feel gutless and I do not have 5.7 envy. It consistantly delivers 16-17 mpg and sounds great while doing it. Is it the fastest truck on the road? No, and I did not buy it for that . It is a great truck with a great engine.

Many on this board will tell you to go out and buy the 5.7. Since it is only $1400 more... That is probably true if you could really factory order a new truck...the ones I looked at that had the 5.7 were loaded with a bunch of stuff I was not interested in. Besides, its ok not to spend the extra money ..go buy a 50 inch panasonic plasma and watch 24!!

I have owned 454s, v10, and most small block chevys in trucks and suvs and none of them could beat my 4.7 in a drag race.

Others on this board have stated that your resale will be better with a 5.7. I don't agree with that. I look at this like having a very nice smaller house in a big neighborhood...the value will be there!
If you don't need it, don't pay for it.
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