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I just told him by email to skip the TRD supercharger and get Bullet supercharger.
Or one with a bullet lower manifold/intercooled and get it fitted with a Kenne Bell supercharger for some real power.
Bullet supercharger has headers for the LX470 as well. And superchargers made to fit.

Now reading what cars he owns I'd love to see something else other than the TRD supercharger on his Lexus.
It would be WAY more reliable and way more power. And way more enjoyable.
All the internals should be upgraded.
Shoot for 400-500 rwhp or more.
Why not 600-700 rwhp with a Kenne bell 2.8L supercharger.

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i like your idea very much !!:D

but the thing is it will take me a long time to do it (shipping and modding and etc..)

right know i have the trd which i can work on it any time

and guys can i upgrading my brake system ? to TRD BB maybe ?

and is there any mod the will help me reduce weight and increase durability

and what is the best light weight wheel you ever experienced !! i like the volks rays te37,or.r_gc.r_pw.&bvm=bv.42661473,d.bmk&biw=1280&bih=603&wrapid=tlif136136125903331&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&ei=ZrkkUfPWGYHsrAfVs4Bg
So Tell me your suggestion !!!
thanks :rolleyes:
Rotora Brake offers a 6 piston design. And Big Brake Package. I suggest looking there for better Stopping power
It should reduce some weight.

I'd rather have Strong/Forged Wheels over lightweight BTW.
Spelling errors fixed on your post too BTW. :D

And the TRD supercharger is only a M90 (1.475L) Supercharger.
Its tiny. Bumping up to 9-11 psi does very little to increase HP/TQ.
The amount of heat you're going to generate kills the amount of power you should be making.
Lots of timing has to be taken out since the TRD supercharger in non-intercooled.

Since you have the money you should get something way more reliable like the Bullet Supercharger.
The supercharger kit they sell specifically for your vehicle is a 1.9L supercharger.
And as I mentioned by PM' you could get a lower manifold from them.
They would machine the Upper Plate to fit/adapt any supercharger. A Liquid Cooled Kenne Bell supercharger could then be installed.
Bumping the TRD supercharger to 9-11 psi in 100+ degree UAE heat is going to be hell on your motor and kill the catalytic converters.
And the 110-120 degree desert heat is not very wise either.

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i think of the a lower manifold that Bullet Supercharger offer

and install Kenne Bell supercharger 2.8LC for it ! what do you think guys !!:D any increase in hp ? maybe 600+ in safe boost :eek:

but right know i want to use the trd in its maximum potential so i can get bored from it

and then installing the Kenne Bell supercharger
Well... you'll definitely have to build to the block for anything over 450 crank HP on the 2uz-fe in stock form.
Might as well go all out on building up the block too.
Stroker kits are available.
Upgraded Titanium rods, Billet JE Pistons, Thermal barrier coatings, upgraded valves, drive-train springs,etc
Lots of stuff you can do. Nobody is going to know whats inside a motor when everything is connected/bolted down, covered up.

For the: TRD supercharger... How far do you wanna push it?

I know of lots of many upgrades you can do.
And who to send it to in the U.S.

TRD supercharger unit Upgrades:

1.) Port & Polish the M90 Unit.

Brian Hartlage: Posi Performance does great work. Send it to him for the Porting/Polishing Portion. Great pricing.
I wouldn't trust any supercharger port & polish with Stegmeier.
I've read many bad things. Their outlet portings are too aggressive for one thing.
People experience losing boost.

2.) Strip off the OEM coating on the rotors. Put a thermal barrier coating on the rotors as well as the M90 housing.

You get tighter tolerances increasing boost this way instead of getting the 5.9 Pulley for upping the boost.
Making the M90 supercharger spin faster puts it out of its efficiency.
And not only that... it increases the Outlet temperature significantly.
You can go with:
Supercharger Rotors || Coating Service || ---would require a Air/Oil Separator ( Catch-Can ) for this coating. And elimination of the auxiliary injectors
The High Speed Lab, Roots-type Supercharger Rebuild Services for All Eaton Superchargers

3.) Thermal barrier coat the Entire Supercharger Unit after a Porting and polishing so the aluminum casting doesn't absorb & hold nearly as much heat.

For The Fuel Delivery System:

1.) Do away with the 9th or 9th & 10th injectors setup. Its a band-aide setup. You can add ignition timing instead of having to take out 8-12 degrees.

Go with 8 primary injectors: Fuel Injectors and Performance Injectors at FiveOMotorsport can help you there.
Direct fit Denso injectors: Denso fitting only. I believe there is a 430cc and 450cc to choose from.

2.) Fuel Pump: Get a Walbro 255L and install it immediately.

3.) Fuel rail & fuel lines: Do away with the stock fuel regulator. Weld on an aluminum -6AN Earls' fitting on the passenger side fuel rail.

The Fuel rail threads are: 12mm x 1.25: Earls' Plumbing offers these. -6AN size.
You can then regulate fuel pressure with an aftermarket fuel regulator to aide in better & easier tuning.
Upgrade all the fuel lines from the tank and return lines to at least -6AN. Getting ready for the Kenne Bell supercharger too.
Upgrade the cross over fuel lines and return line on the supercharger.
Any Fuel Dampener can then be put on the return line doing away with the stock Dampener.

Supercharger Snout/Bearings/Gears:
Coat All the OEM supercharger bearings & gear teeth: REM Super-Polish them: MICROBLUE® | Superior Friction Reducing Technology coat them.
This will do away with significant heat build-up: Reducing Friction and Heat - Smoother is Better | Low Friction Surface Finishing| High Efficiency Bearings. The bearings are spinning at around 10,000 -12,000 rpm's under WOT. This is why I do not suggest going with the 5.9 Pulley to Overdrive the supercharger unit. The supercharger gets out of its effeciency range.
I'd show ya Magnuson Supercharger's M90: Heat/Efficiency Chart but they changed the website. Its gone.

Well. That should keep you busy for awhile.
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