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I had the cracked windshield replaced on my 2005 4Runner about 2 weeks ago, and the top molding doesn't look the same anymore!
First I noticed the top molding was all wobbled up. It wasn't straight as the original one. So I went back to the shop, they said because they were trying to use the old molding, and it was deformed when they removed it. I agreed to pay for a new molding for $20 for them to put in a new one. After installed, this second one doesn't fit totally in the groove. The rear edge is sticking out by 1/16 inch. I went to the dealer to check the other 4runners, and their molding all fits nicely inside the groove.
I suspect they didn't do it right. They installed it by putting some glue and push the molding into the groove. Does anyone know if that molding is supposed to go underneath the windshield? They claim this molding is a push-in type. But that doesn't seem right, because the molding is an OEM part, and it should look like the original one. I'm really upset. I'm going back there to get them fix it again. Any helps would be appreciated.
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