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For a while now I've been thinking about a program to track & recognize 'Pass Bagging' - keeping track of all of the dirt mountain passes that you summit.

About a month ago - when I finally Googled it - I found the Pass Bagger 50 program run by the BMW Motorcycle club of Colorado. This was my inspiration for what I call the 4x4 Pass Bagger program. Here are the basics:
* Joining is FREE!
* 4x4 Pass Baggers is for everyone!
o You don't have to be a 'hard core' 4x4 enthusiast to be a Pass Bagger
o Pass Bagging is a GREAT family activity!
* Any DIRT Pass can be bagged
o If the pass is dirt and on a map – it’s fair game, regardless of the difficulty.
* We encourage participants to not attempt terrain beyond their ability.
* Tell Your Friends!
o Download the flyer from the Files section on the website - send it to your friends!

For all the rules of the program, or to sign up - visit Colorado Scenic 4x4 Trips - 15ers 4x4 Group - 4x4 Pass Bagger Program
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