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I emailed Gault Toyota in Endicott, NY and received a reply stating that they'd sell me a 5.7L long bed double cab 4x4 SR5 for $2,500 under MSRP and a 4.7L long bed double cab 4X4 SR5 for $1,500 under MSRP. Both vehicles were somewhat above the base models with options I did not need (or want).

Today I went into Jack Sherman Toyota in Binghamton and was told that the double cabs with long beds are not out yet and will not be out for months. They are not even taking orders on them. So...I'm considering buying the shortbed as a small fishing boat will fit in it ok. Their price was $500 over invoice on Tundras. This was after I showed them the email from Gault Toyota with their offers.

What do you folks think? Good deal? Bad deal? Can I do better?

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