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There's a local tire shop that's been in the heart of Austin since the '30s that can do all types of suspension work & 4 wheel offroad alignments. They service large commercial rigs, 18 wheelers, tow trucks, gov't dump trucks, etc....but their bread and butter is selling and installing SUV & truck tires. Don't let their front office at the intersection of N. Lamar & Airport Blvd fool you. This place is gigantic. Behind their office, they have 3-4 large service buildings that does all sorts of suspension work, big and little. I've seen rock crawlers in there getting lifts put on, and even saw a C6 Vette getting new wheels and tire and alignments done.

Walker Tire Co. "If it's in stock, we've got them"...
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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