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92 toyota previa with problems

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hi all im new here but hope to become a good member here but heres my questions first i was wondering about the self diag pannel i have checked under the seat and as instructed in the other post i found the pin e1 and the te i found 2 that said te1 te2 but no te and was wondering what to do here.
well next to start with the problem as i know it i guesse my mo was driving it home from work and it started to lose power and she had to park it on the roadside later we got it home and ive tryed starting it it takes some work pumping the gas and timing it right to get it to fir ebut after it fires it wont idle and i havent even tryed to drive it any help here would help me a lot thanks all
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well with no advice from here i guesse im gonna have to go with my theroy of a cloged catalatic converter and try that but hey i tryed let ya know how that goes
Hello, my Previa quit running yesterday. It was running like a champ and all of a sudden it slowly died. It cranked over and would fire occasionally. I had it towed home . Loosened the fuel line to the gas filter and found it had fuel pressure so I guessed the fuel pump was prob good. But I changed the filter anyway. Thinking that could be the prob, but No. It is pretty easy to do and to get to the filter under the car on the driverside. I checked for spark with a timing light and found only 1 wire with spark. I pulled the distributor cap off and found the 2 rotor screws had fallen out. Bought a new cap (hard to find in stock) and rotor and replaced them and it started after some cranking over due to flooding. Good luck!:) Dave B. Rockford
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