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Hello Everyone,
I have read forums here in the past regarding the A/C Light comes on and then after a few seconds it starts to blink before. I have tried to located the Magnetic Relay in the fuse panel next to the battery but there is not one which is marked even remotely close to those words or abbreviations. There are two wires which are loose and are shown in the picture below. I tried connecting the two but the light still blinks. Cannot find any resources to tell me how they connect or what they connect to.
I am going to get the A/C purged and then refilled to see if that fixes it. The blower blows fine. No noises come from the engine compartment. I can turn the inside of the a/c compressor and there is no apparent slop. It is a 4.7 L with Lexus exhaust. Old but great. Thanks for your assistance. I have used your forums online quite a bit and always very helpful.


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