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Hi I want to remove the two A/C vents(driver and passenger side) in the dash board and the two in the center in the radio column in order to paint them. I want to simply remove them without breaking them but I havn't done this before and am not sure of the correct way to remove them. If anyone can help it would be appreciated. thanks
The vent registers have a small u-shaped bushing that surrounds the pivot
pin on one side and a straight pivot pin on the other. To remove the register
from the outboard ducts rotate it so that the edge is facing you then with a
non-marring tool (rubber coated or plastic), GENTLY pry the space between
the duct and the register (both are flexible) at the pivot point on the inboard
(toward the center of the dash) and pop the register out. You want the pivot
pin to slide from the front to the back side of the register. There is a v-shaped
indentation on the side of the register that allows it to slide on the pivot pin until
seated. For the two registers on the bezel, remove the bezel by pulling off the
three HVAC knobs and removing the screws found there and work the bezel off.
Remove the two plastic ducts from the bezel being careful again not to break or
crack anything (a new bezel will set you back $350). Once the plastic ducts are
removed, you can rotate the registers the same way as before and repeat the
procedure. To install, simply press them back in until you here them click home.

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