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Dealers seem to be REALLY big on those surveys. I always give them a 10 unless I have an issue.

I had an issue with one, I kept calling and calling and asking where they had put my trade-in difference deposit, the salesman would never call me back. They said they had done it (and they had), but I couldn't find which account they did it too, and they wouldn't tell me.

So after 2 months I sent the survey back with like a 4 score for the "salesman followup question."

A couple weeks later I get a call from the finance manager with the regional manager on 3-way. The finance guy was all in a huffy about my score I gave him, and said he wasn't aware I had an issue. I told him I had been calling my salesman but he would never return my call.

Long story short, the finance guy said he couldn't get his bonus now because of my score, and the regional manager didn't sound too happy with any of it.

My point: The salesman told me if I had ANY problems then I was to call him. I called him like 5 or 6 times over 2 months with no response, and if they have a problem with my score they need to go talk to him. The finance manager was obviously very upset.

3am that night, I get a call, person just sat there breathing. I hangup and *69 it... it was the # of the dealership. :confused: :eek:
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