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AAL and U Bolts

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okay.. i just recently purchase an add a leaf from fatbobsgarage and is soon to put it on my truck.. and i just realized if i need new U bolts or can i just reused the old ones?? any input on this?
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Bump, anyone? Someone gotta know the answer...
I dont know the answer, but I guess it would depend on if you are replacing your overload leaf with the AAL, and if the AAL is only one leaf, and if it is thicker than your overload. If you ARE keeping your overload also, I guess best way would be to measure your Ubolt and see how much thread you have to play with.

Also, does the AAL come with a new center pin?....Cuz the same thing applies for that (on whether you are pulling or keeping your overload, or if the AAL is thicker than the overload...(which I doubt)).
When I had an AAL from Toytech I used the OEM U bolts. The AAL isnt that thick. Came with a new center pin.
If it is a single leaf aal, then your factory u-bolts should be plenty long enough.
Yes... i just got a single aal from fat bobs garage... anyone has any experience with fat bobs garage aal? Btw my truck is a 2002 tundra
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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