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I have them on my Tundra, look and ride great. I wanted something that looked cool, yet didn't sing as it went down the highway. If you want Terra Grappler noise, don't buy the Pirellis. Very quiet. I have P275/65-18 and I understand that the LT sizes might be a little bit more aggressive. If it has been sitting for awhile they do tend to vibrate a little when you get going, but after a mile or two they work it out. (Somethin with the Nylon overlay?) The handling and ride is night and day compared to the Duelers that were OE. Just trying to push around a corner the Bridgestones would howl. With the ATR's, very confident in cornering. One time I followed my GPS and it took me on some pretty rough fire roads and the ATRs were flawless in the mud and over obstacles. Consumer Reports rated them the top All Terrain tire. For everyday use, I can see why.
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