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...later this afternoon and want to make sure that the negotiated deal sounds fair.

2010 Tundra DC (Grade) 5.7L 4x4 Salsa Red w/black interior. Options- TRD package, underseat storage, chrome tubular steps, floormats/sill protectors. MSRP = $36,902.
Negotiated a deal last week for $33,000 +tax/ttl/doc.

Invoice pricing I calculated for the truck through various websites was approximately $33,200, but I cannot confirm that this is true invoice price. (and I doubt it is)

I will be trading in a BMW X5 4.8is that the dealer is only willing to give low-end wholesale value. X5 is clean with no dings/damage etc. Low miles and well-maintained. Tax savings make the deal somewhat more appealing.

The dealer had to locate the vehicle I wanted and it came from 140 miles away. When I gave the deposit for them to retrieve the truck, I explicitly said "if it isn't perfect, don't bother bringing it back". Upon inspecting the truck when it was delivered, I noticed a fist-sized dent in the rear bumper, and a small dent/ding on the driver's side bed over the rear wheel. For me, pretty much a deal breaker. The bumper is an easy fix, but I am pretty anal about my vehicles, and having to work sheet metal on a new car just isn't my thing.

The dealer said they would replace the bumper with a new one, and have the local paintless dent removal company repair the ding. I would then be able to re-inspect and make a decision then.

I guess my concerns are:

1) Am I getting a fair price from the dealer on the truck? There aren't many out there of what I am looking for, and I am not sure I would want to wait to place an order for a 2011.

2) Do I have additional negotiating power because the truck was delivered damaged? Even though they have claimed to fix the flaws, it leaves me feeling a bit uneasy as to what may have happened to the truck at the previous dealer. Because I am giving them my solid, well-maintained car for a low-ball trade price, I feel like their vehicle needs to be impeccable for me to accept the deal.

I'll be heading over there in a few hours to re-inspect the truck, so I realize I may not get any replies to my inquiry before then. My bad for not stumbling upon this site a little sooner so that I could have done some more research. There seems to be quite a bit of valuable knowledge here.

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