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Adding Foglights

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I am looking at getting a 07 Tundra Doublecab SR5 package with the 5.7L. It seems the only way you can get the foglights is with either the TRD Offroad package or the Sport Appearance package. I was wondering if anyone has added foglights to the new Tundra and is it expensive or a hassle to add? My 2001 Tundra SR5 came with the lights built into the bumper. Unfortunately some JackAss! decided to pull out in front of me in the middle of a intersection and totalled my payed off, great running and problem free! 01 Tundra, so now I'm back in the market again. I tell you after that wreck I am totally sold on getting another Tundra. I came out of that bad wreck unscathed except a little sore from the seat belt across my chest. The cabin of my Tundra stayed intact and I could still open the door after the impact. I was going about 55 when this FOOL turned in front of me. I will definitely get another Tundra but I would like to add the foglights to it.
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This is doable. Search TS with fog lights or foglights as keyword. If you want the factory switch you have to pull the steering wheel to replace the light switch arm on the left side of the column.
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