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With all of the Catalytic converter thefts happening as well as random people checking car doors at night, I decided to add a LED theft deterrent to the factory keyless. No circuit turned a constant positive on lock so I built my own.

1 flashing 2v LED 5mm blue
2 non flashing 2v LEDs 5mm diffused blue
1 micro magnetic reed switch
2 magnets came with reed switch
26g wire
26g male and female 2 wire connectors with 6” pigtails

I flush mounted the 2 diffused LEDs in the tweeter pod edges. 1 on drivers side and 1 in passenger. Everything wires in series. Battery + comes from ignition switch in steering column. Battery negative comes from pink accessory wire at the ignition switch. It is positive with key on and turns negative with key off.

I ran the LED driver on the negative wire close to the connection to steering column. Positive goes into the driver door to the reed switch. Reed switch is mounted behind the door release handle with some clear silicone. Couple dabs was plenty. I drilled a tiny 5mm hole in the lock unlock toggle (the one that swivels in the door release handle) at the back where it comes close to the reed switch. This causes the reed switch to close the loop and allow current to flow when the door is locked. The reed switch then feeds the flashing LED. That is wrapped in heat shrink and hidden next to the reed switch. Not visible. That then feeds power to the LED in the drivers tweeter pod. That in turns feeds the LED in the passenger door. The circuit then loops back to terminate at ground in the steering column.

Sorry I know it seems long winded and a lot but it was very simple. I bench tested it all and then installed it. Took about 3 hours but well worth it. Maybe $14 dollars in materials.

I hope this helps someone who doesn’t want to spend the money on a full blown alarm but still get some peace of mind.

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