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Since there where few threads out there about fuel (in)efficiency of the FJ, I was wondering if anyone here had any experience installing/attaching additional gasoline tanks (Jerry Fuel Cans, Military Fuel Cans) onto FJ (besides roof rack)?

I am planning on exploring Alaska this spring/summer and some distances between service areas in AK are 240 miles apart (i.e. Coldfoot,AK to Deadhorse,AK), which means I have to be able to cover at least 480 miles (back and forth in case of road closures, common thing in AK :) ).

With my most efficient rate 18mpg I can cover about 18*16=288miles (I have been tracking every gallon I buy with different driving scenarios i.e. city/highway/off-road, fyi my lowest rate is 11 mpg in NYC).

Any suggestions, solutions, directions?

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