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jkouba said:
I picked up my running boards yesterday. I'm going to install them myself, to avoid the ridiculous labor charges the dealer quoted me. (I have an '05 Double Cab, 4x4 Short Bed, Silver Streak Mica.)

I have the install instructions, but having never done this before, I wanted to ask some questions of those of you who have.

1) It comes with 12 M8 x 25 Serrated Flange Screws. Why? From what I see in the doc, you use six screws, two in each of the three brackets. Are there just six extra screws?

2) The instructions say to loosen the 1/4 - 20 flange nuts on the underside of the three brackets. At the end, it has you tighten them again. Why? What is the purpose of doing that? Is that for sliding the board around to make the final adjustment?

3) For attaching the brackets, it says to remove the plastic plugs covering M8 weld nuts in body of the vehicle. Are these plugs covering up predrilled holes that the M8 screws go into?

4) These plugs are just underneath the door, right? Is there a steel beam under there? The outer body seems way to flimsy to support a running board.

thanks for your help!
1) 12 - two sides of the truck.
2) Allows you to align it right.
3) Yes
4) The body is strong there.

It's easy. You'll be glad you did it.
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