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gator03 said:
I put mine on this afternoon and it only took me about 20 minutes.

I'm pretty short, but won't be using them to get into and out of my truck (not really needed). Although my wife uses them when she's dressed up and we take my truck when we go out somewhere.

I put them on to help protect the sides of the truck a little and because I think they give the truck a finished look.

I have some pictures under my member profile if you want to see what they look like on. If anyone wants a photo of the running boards up closer just let me know and I'll take a few more pictures.
Yea, I'm glad I got my Dee Zee tube steps installed.....they do help keep crap off the wheels from hitting the sides off the truck.

I didn't think they would protect from door dings but I washed the truck on Saturday and noticed a brown ding on the steps where somebody must've opened their door into it...glad they hit the steps and not my paint.

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