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I think the master cylinder (brake) is going out on my 2006 Sequoia (SR5, 4WD). I'm pricing out a replacement and the OEM part 472010C041 is a bit pricey around $500:

After market is a lot cheaper ranging from $52 to $96:

Has anyone replaced theirs? What did you go with? I'm not opposed to spending the money for the dealer part (I plan on keeping our Sequoia for a long time, it currently has ~150k miles). Just don't want to spend the money unless it's worth it.

Now on to figuring out what else is needed besides fluid and a turkey baster/similar for sucking fluid out of the reservoir.

Why I think it's going out:

  • pedal feels a bit mushy (but not going to the floor)
  • get code C1360 (using toyota TIS software on laptop to read ABS/brake codes) fairly regularly when towing our RV
  • this time, C1360 is staying even after rest of codes went away
  • brakes always felt a little off -- just feels like you're trying to hold a dog that really wants to jump off the line sometimes (so hopefully, it's not the brake booster going out too)
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