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Ok, my truck came with an aftermarket keyless system pre-installed. It works great, sometimes. Here are a few curious quirks I noticed about the system.

1.) It doesn't work when it's hot out (85-90, especially when it's been sitting in the sun)
2.) It doesn't work when it's raining
3.) It WILL work through 1'+ of snow
4.) Where I have the truck parked when I'm home, from the second story of my house I can only see the passenger side turn signal. The remote works from that location (the signal must go through the garage). It rarely if ever works when standing directly behind the truck.
5.) The range is pretty bad otherwise, I usually have to be within a few feet for it to work. The lock function rarely works.

I'd really like to know if there is some way to increase the range and make it more reliable, or if you know of any forums that are more specific to this topic.

Maybe my unit is just shot? It's not the battery in the remote, I already tried replacing it with no change.

Thanks in advance


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It sure has some bad behaviors. Have you looked at Viper systems as a replacement.
I have it on board, and, it works very nicely.
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