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Airbag light on after amp installed

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I just had an after market Clairion 4 channel amp installed by a friend and the red airbag light in the instrument cluster stays on. How do I reset it and turn it off? Also, the whine from any electrical component, especially the engine whine, even when the head unit is off is awful....what has he done wrong that I may correct? It sounds as if the speakers are powered on even if the head unit is turned off. Thanks for the help....oh, it isn't a JBL head rear speakers installed during amp install.....the amp is a 400 watt. Alex:confused: ps,,,it's a 2006 Avalon XLS
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Perhaps an airbag-related connector was disturbed or disconnected during the install. Are your steering wheel audio controls still functional?
I guess that's what it may have just had to reset after the battery was disconnected for the install. It's fine now....Thanks:ts:
yeah, but did it cure the wine problem? :rolleyes: i got a funny feeling that your buddy is running the amp remote to a constant 12v source. thats why its sounds like it is on all the time, in essence it is still on. your amp remote wire needs to go to the remote turn on from the hu. :tu:

... or one day you will come back to a truck with a dead battery.
I'm having the same problem, how did you get the light to go out?
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