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Airbag Ok Seat covers?

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So I'm looking for a good seat cover that will work with airbags.

I saw the coverking site and it said that they don't work with TRD packages??? Huh?

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Some trucks with side curtain airbags are arranged so the airbag actually deploys from the SEAT. There is special stitching in the seat upholstery that is designed to seperate on deployment. Seat covers would defeat that deployment. I "think" this may only apply to some Double Cab models. TacoGuy

You are exactly correct sir... that's why I asked the question if anyone has made seatcovers that conform.

I have Wet Okole and side air bags. They have a overlapping flap on the side of the seat. Click on the video to see them in action.
Seat Cover Safety - Wet Okole Hawaii
I got the Coverkings, and I have a double cab TRD off road with the side airbags. When I ordered (through Costco), they were available for my exact truck. They have the same overlapping flaps that koam is talking about. I am very happy with them - nearly perfect fit and it looks awesome.
Paid under $350 through Costco (full set front & back).
Coverking still has them. I just checked their webpage. The pull down option says:

- 50/50 sport seat, w/ side airbag, for models w/ factory TRD pkg

Where did you read that they won't work with the TRD package? They sure do!

I got the two tone neoprene: black sides with charcoal insert. The colors fit right in, looks awesome! Picked up the truck this week from service, and the mechanic asked me where I got them.

On Coverkings website they are a little overpriced, though. ($500?)
Try here:
and type "coverking" in the search window. It's $165 * 2 = $330 for the full set, and you can return them at any time if you don't like them.

Good luck!
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My bad I thought mine where buckets - your right they are really sport seats...:D



So you go the neopremes? How long have you had them and how do you like 'em?

I did find them on Costco... Thanks,

aka Spot
I bought them in November. Love 'em so far. Let's see how they are in summer, I don't know yet.
I really like the black / charcoal combination. Get compliments all the time and would recommend that.

Good luck!

Is your truck silver with Gray inside.....

I was thinking to order gray to match.

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