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***O.K. I originally posted this at the tires and the suspension forums but wanted to generate more responses so I cut and pasted it here***

I've had many problems with getting my 2wd 06 DC aligned ever since I installed a Toytec lift(I've posted the problems in the Handling and Suspension section) and new 285/75/16 BFG's . I've returned it to the tire place that aligned it 3 times(twice to one shop, third time to different location) but still no luck. Today I notice that the drivers front tire is rounding at the edges. Thinking it's my imagination I have the wife out there staring at the tires and with out mentioning anything I ask her what do you see wrong. Well sure enough she says the drivers front looks rounded, this is only after a couple hundred miles.

So for all you lifted guys are any of you running into any problems with aligning after lift? Also what are you all aligning it to, DJ's specs, or just taking it in and having it aligned? Need help please let me know. I need to remedy this quick so I can quit driving the wifes panty wagon. Thanks
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