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Almost a new owner

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Hi all,

Although I'm technically not yet a Sequoia owner, I'm 90% sure I will be this time next week.

My wife and I have spent a couple of months shopping for an off-road capable SUV in the $CDN 15k price range, preferably '01 or later. The obvious first choices were the Pathfinder and 4Runner. GM, Ford and Jeep were crossed off the list early for the usual reasons. We were very pleased with the '01 and '02 Pathfinders that we tested, but every one has had some fatal flaw. The only 4Runner I've found in our price range showed signs of having been rolled.

From the start, I was fully prepared to revert to a back-up plan of an older/high mileage 4Runner/Pathfinder or maybe even a less capable small SUV like a Subaru. I did not expect to find something like a Sequoia in our price range. A local gentleman is selling an '01 Sequoia SR5 privately - 135kms, 1 owner, all dealer serviced, and he's *asking* $CDN 15,900. Says he never even used the low-range 4wd. People selling 4Runners in similar condition with that kind of mileage are asking $19-20k.

The obvious question is 'what's wrong with it?' It doesn't exhibit any of the frequent problems discussed in the forums here. The A/C is fine. The rear window works great. No rattle from the exhaust manifold. The trans fluid appears to be shaving-free. I do hear the engine ticking (ground wire issue). And maybe this is symptomatic of something bigger: and the OD defaults to 'off' when starting up. Just to be safe, the truck has a date with my mechanic this Friday for a complete inspection.

It must be gas prices that are scaring buyers off. I'm not too concerned about it because 1) we only drive 5000-7000kms per year and 2) 15mpg really isn't much worse than the 17mpg you can expect to get from a mid-size SUV.

So, any words of warning/wisdom?

Looking forward to joining the club!
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