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Alpine Users Bass Engine Poll

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I'm learning all this new technology. I was wondering what you had your bass engine settings at. You have a bass center which I have set @ 200 currently and you have a Q setting which they say broadens or narrows it's effects. I really don't understand what all this does and my ears aren't what they used to be so it's really hard to tell what the effects are from these settings. Also for Ipod users. Do you use the sound check feature on the Ipod or does this hurt sound quality. And what volume level do you have your Ipod set at? Max, 90% 80% etc.?
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I have a the "simple" bass engine on my alpine system. I set them all to flat with the bass at 100hz (200 is to high, keep it at 100) and the Q set at 4 (max) treble set at 10khz. The Q needs to be kept at max or you may have wierd peaks in your response.

It cuts out at volume 22 anyway, so I really dont bother with the eq.
Yes 200 is pretty high I use 80hz like brandon sai keep it at max 4
to me the bass engine makes it sound worst...when i install radio i keep the bass at 0 on 80hz and the treb like at 4-6 depends on how high it goes and at 12.5hz
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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