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Hey there. New to this forum and needed some tundra answers! I typically hang out over on iH8mud to talk FJ60/62s but I need to do some work on my tundra.

Part 1 ) Volts are registering really high on the instrument panel. The battery light isn't illuminating yet, but I want to beat it. It's definitely above three quarters, but still below the top end. I did some research and learned that this is typically due to a failing alternator. The logic being that when it fails the alternator will start pushing more volts to compensate for the lack of amps. Does this sound accurate or typically the cause for high volt reading? I ask before I spend $300 on an alternator.

Part 2 ) I have never drained the transmission fluid so I plan to do a flush. I found some really good postings here on how to do it, but my questions is regarding the filter. If I drop the pan to replace the seal will I also have access to the filter? I figure so long as I am in there I should. Any need to replace magnets or simply clean the ones in there and refit?

Thanks for any input!
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