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Amplifier Help!

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Help! I have mounted my subwoofer amplifier underneith the passenger seat of my 04 AC. I am new to this and figured i could mount the amp strait to the foor with sheet metal screws. When i went to test it the amp turned on, and worked fine the next few days. Then it started to rain here and ever since the amp will turn off randomly while im driving. The four mounting screws stick out of the underside of the floor and i was wondering if the wet metal could cause a short circuit. Please Any Advice?
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sounds like you got a loose wire, a crappy amp, or your amp's circuitry is overheating forcing a thermal shut down. amp getting enough air down there?

oif your amp were shorting out, you would be blowing fuses, and possibly damaging your trucks electrical system.

for added safe measure, apply some silicone to the screws that stick out under the truck to seal it up good.
You might want to check your ground wire from the amp to the truck frame and check the ground from the battery to the frame. Make sure the one from the battery to the frame is not corroded or burnt up, plus check the connectors. I had my amp cutting out and it turned out that the clamp was not tight enough on the connector and the wire had come loose causing the amp to go off. I first thought that it was the amp taking a crap on me, then found a bare ended wire floating around and a connector attached to the battery with no wire in it. That was a quck fix, now I use my vice grips to really clamp down on the connectors, before I had lost my vice grips and used pliers. It might not hurt that while you are near the battery to upgrade the grounding wire that connects it to the frame. Stock it is about a 10 or 12 AWG wire, I upgraded it to a 2 AWG wire, about 3 times the diameter. I love the fact that you can use the frame for a ground, I work on boats and you have to run wires everywhere since it is fiberglass, no common ground. About the airflow, I have my amp under my seat and at first I was concerned and even thought about getting some computer fans for airflow. However, after 3 years I have yet to have a problem with it over heating.
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thanks the the help guys, i think i got it all figured out. I used a T-Tap to tap into the remote turn on lead(it was miswired to the power antenna and i didnt realize till today) so i ditched the T-Tap and went to a Closed end crimp, problem solved.
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