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What's the cost of an Amsoil Ea0 filter? I called five different parts stores and no can even carries Amsoil filters. I'm guessing it's fairly expensive versus paper? One thing to consider is the cost/return of going with a more expensive filter. Something to ask yerselves is, how long do you plan on keeping your truck? I ran a Tacoma 150,000 miles on paper filters with no engine problems whatsoever. I changed the oil every 5000 miles. That's a lot of filters and the cost would've been significantly higher if I would've been paying an extra $5 - $10 a filter. The benefit would've minimal given I wasn't the end user of that truck. My wife will be getting a new car in the not too distant future. I've been using Walmart oil and cheap filters knowing that it will be traded in shortly. George's test results are good info. But you guys might want to consider some simple economics if you don't plan on running yer truck for 300,000 miles. Just food for thought...
1 - 2 of 76 Posts
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