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Annoying wobbles and pops

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So I've had my 06 AC 2wd for about 3 months now, and its a great truck and all but seriously, the road noise and noise coming from hitting even the smallest pot hole has me wondering if i messed up and bought something thats going to get on my nerves?

At freeway speeds, there is constantly wind noises coming from the top of the door/cabin weather stripping, the doors jiggle, and when i'm just cruisin, and i hit a pot hole, there is a "blummmmpmp" noise that comes from the drivers side but I don't know what it is....

What to do? the weather stripping is pretty much brand new looking, and i tightened everything under the truck in case it was that.... what gives?
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check your door hinges for looseness, you dont want too much play in them, on my 02, the access cab doors shimmy a bit when i hit bumps, the plastic inside makes noises..
I had some fit and finish issues with dash noise on mine. No issues like you are describing. Any crash history on it?
It had a clean carfax, but one of the VIN numbers is different *the drivers side access (smaller) door*...everything looks clean, no spray over, no loose lines or anything. its a mystery.
Try checking the steering shaft boot for damage. It was the best piece of advice I've received on this forum so far...I had a similar issue whereby exhaust clicking noises and road noise was entering the cab. Once I had the steering shaft boot replaced under warranty, the cab was completely quiet again. I had forgotten how quiet it was when I originally bought it, until that time.

The downside was that the service guy had a hard time replacing it and caused my steering rack to leak internally to the dust boot; It wasn't picked up on until I went to another dealership to get an alignment. Luckily, I was 2 miles still under warranty, so the steering rack was replaced.

I remember seeing a post whereby someone replaced theirs out of warranty with an ATV boot clamped on in its place.

I enclosed a picture of the steering shaft boot, so you can take a look yourself from under your truck.


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Both hinges intact on your fuel door?

Lower shock bushings/bearings/whatevers intact?

Wheel bearings in good shape?
dunno, but i'll check it out. thanks guys.
One source for rattles is the Power Steering Pump reservoir. One of the nuts was missing on mine and everytime I hit a bump it would rattle like crazy.
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