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I know this has been beaten to death, but I want to shed a little more light on the Brake TSB DIY.

First off, thanks top everyone who went before me and wrote it up, it really helped knowing what I needed and what was involved. I tried to take pictures of the process but looking at what is on the camera now that I am finished, I missed a lot. Hard to take pics with brake dust on your hands and the wife got bored standing around waiting for me to tell her what to take.

  • Calipers - Found a set of 13WL calipers in a local junkyard (Airline Auto Parts, Houston) from a '06 Sequoia, took the bolts, lines, pads (almost new). They have another pair from a newer Tundra if your interested. $90/each
  • Pads - Sanded and reused the almost new ones that came with the calipers.
  • Bolts - Kept the bolts from the Sequoia, they were only a fraction shorter than my originals.
  • Lines - Took the ones from the junkyard but didn't use them, they didn't fit and my old ones fit like a glove.
  • Rotors - I figured I went this far I should buy new rotors, I've used Brembo replacements in the past with no problems. $73/each from O'reilly (Same as plus shipping.
Took a couple of days to clean and paint the calipers, decided on Rustoleum gloss black, I've been checking the heat on both the front and backs lately and have never been unable to hold a finger on the caliper even after crossing town in stop and go traffic.

I read up on how to modify the back plate for the larger caliper, and tin snips do work best. A word of advice, have a pair of left and right cutting snips. They work very well but I made a real nasty cut on the drivers side because I could not turn back toward the left.

I used a dremel tool to smooth out the cut, I figured it would probably be me who does the next brake job. I used the same Rustoleum pain on the edge using a Qtip to just paint the edge.

Bolted in easily and man do they stop. Can't wait to get the boat behind it this summer.

Anyone want to buy a set of S13WEs?

Pictures are all ready to go, Photobucket is down, I'll post them asap
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