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2003 Toyota Sequioa Limited.

Parking brake problem:

I just replace the front and rear brakes with new pads. I also turned the front rotors and the rear rotors. The rear rotors were rusted to the hub. (This only at 60, 000 miles) in New Mexico. Anyway I did get the rear rotors off.

The problem with the parking brakes: The parking brakes now hit the rotors. Yes, I did adjust the parking brake several times with the adjustment at the bottom. I backed off the parking brake pads enough so they do not scrape the rotors with 6 clicks the first time, then 8 clicks the seconded time. There was no rubbing sound when I did this on the rack both times. Each time though I test drove the Sequoia the parking brake pads started rubbing the rotors on both sides. Once again I put the truck on the lift. So this time backed off the adjustment as far as it will go. Again took it for a test drive and the parking brake pads still rub the rotors, but only on the passengers’ side now. There pretty much is no parking brake now and little rubbing on the left rear.

I know this is no fix but, but are these parking brakes and the entire assembly bad. Do I need to replace them? I had no problem before. I made sure I marked the rotors for each side before placing rotors back on the Sequoia again. Is there some kind of adjustment other than turning the park brake spindle in the rotors?

Note when I did pull the rotors off the rear rotors a small spring assembly fell out on both sides, right and left rear. I did put the assembly back in according to the diagrams I have, and it seems to be holding ok, with tension. it was not damaged or anthing like that, that i know of.

Other brake problems on this Sequioa. Replaced both front rotors they were warped. This time the front right passengers side rotor had a slight warp and was taken out at the machine shop. The left front was ok, but still machined. Both rear rotors had a slight warp and were machined out at the shop. This is the fifth set of brake pads. So many brake problems only at 60K miles; :(this truck did have the larger calipers on the front (4 pistons). Was there a recall for a larger caliper and rotor on the rear? This truck goes through rotors every two years and pads every year. I was thinking of changing the pads to hawk and the rotors to Cyro-frozen rotors or Brembo

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...
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