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Another Tire Question

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Hey i posted a wheel question a few days back and L R H was cool enough to answer it for me but while continuing on my research with my new info i came across something eles thats confusing. I have a 97 toyota tacoma, 2wd and was looking for some new rims. L R H informed me that the lug pattern was 5 on 4.5, but now its asking me what the backspacing on it is. Does anybody know for a 97 taco and what backspacing is. If no one knows, does anyone know where i might obtain information pertaining to this? Also does anyone know where i can get a nice wheel and mud tire package? Thanks in advance for any info.
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I have never seen anything written concerning the offset of the 2WD Tacoma's, but by looking they are + offset. The later models use a 15x6" wheel, so there should be some 15x7's , 15x8's and 16x7's out there.
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