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Antenna Snapped Off

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My 02 Highlander antenna was snapped off and the threaded part of the antenna is still in the base. Any ideas how I can remove it without too much damage? Then will I have to replace the base? Thank you.
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If you can get the threaded part out you should be able to thread a replacement in. Try using an extractor you can buy (I have a set from Sears) that fits in the center of the threaded part, it allows you to twist it out.
I cannot get anything into base. It was perfectly snapped so that the top of what is rest of the threaded area is even inside th base. The threaded piece was part of the antenna rod.
Get what they call an EZ out like the above post said. Or just replace the mast and mount. Not hard . But yu will need to remove the rt side wheel fender liner. Yu can handle it. But first yu can even try to drill it out. Using a center punch to start your center, then use a i/8 drill bit at low speed , then move up toa 1/4 inch bit, then use the drill in reverse with the next size up. Got the idea.

Personally I would just buy a new mount and mast. And save the time.
Your call.

Good luck

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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