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We have a 2017 Toyota Sequoia to tow a travel trailer. We have the Andersen hitch -- and a dilemma that hopefully you can help us.

The Sequoia has Trailer Sway Control as part of its VSC system. If VSC is turned off -- and thus Trailer Sway Control --, the Auto LSD system is automatically turned on. The owner's manual states do not continuously drive with Auto LSD turned on.

The Andersen hitch instructions say to turn off the vehicle's trailer anti-sway feature. On page two of the Andersen Installation Manual, Andersen says that the vehicle's
"anti-sway system can misread the anti-sway efforts of the Andersen WD

Hitch and the anti-sway system may actually cause the trailer to sway as

the two systems work against each other."

So the dilemma, Sequoia anti-sway versus Andersen anti-sway.

Have any of you Sequoia (and possibly Tundra owners) had this problem and how did you solve it? Or did you not experience any trailer sway with both using the Andersen hitch and vehicle's anti-sway turned on?

Right now, the only options I can think of is to replace the Andersen hitch with a conventional WDH.
Your comments and suggestions are most appreciated!
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