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Is there any better ride or handling between the 16" and 17" rims?

Is it worth the change over is basicly what I'm asking. Or is it not that significant ( not enough bang for the buck)

any opininons?? please chime in..

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Better ride? The higher the aspect ratio, the more sidewall which allows
more flex resulting in more cushion.
Better handling? The lower the aspect ratio, the less sidewall which allows
less flex resulting in better steering response and less roll up under high
cornering loads.

In other words, if you replace a stock 265/70-16 tire/wheel combo with
a "plus one" 265/65-17 combo you will get a slightly stiffer ride and
slightly better handling. This is not a big enough change for real gains
or losses either way. This is one of those "for looks" or personal
preference decisions.

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