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I have it. Probably not 70whp like they claim..more like 50whp (butt dyno) but yes, there is a noticeable difference (improvement) and my butt is very "insensitive". There was a group buy for $650 back then.. I won't pay $900 or whatever retail. There's bunch people with NA (which bd dog doesn't work well) selling them for cheap on tundratalk board.

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I had a BD tune on a few months. Decided I wanted to remove it for some work at the dealer and winter storage. This spring I drove the truck for a couple months with stock tune and last week I reinstalled the 93 tune and the difference is truly amazing. Power comes on much faster, the drivability is much improved, and more fun.

I wouldn't pay retail for one, but I would get one used in a heartbeat.

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Edited (added more Pros)

I've been playing with a BD 40417 tuner for a couple of weeks now. So far, I'm on the fence about the value of this tuner and I need to do some monitoring (AFR) and tinkering (octane & pulley) before I throw the baby out with the bathwater.

1.) Ability to control things like seatbelt chime, key in ignition chime, traction control, and all kinds of other stuff I will never use (power down all windows upon start? what the heck?)
2.) I believe that a sensor dock can be used to monitor AFR/boost, etc. so I'm pretty sure the unit is expandable
3.) Throttle sensitivity can be set to one of three levels, the most aggressive level closely matches the most sensitive setting on my SprintBooster
4.) Transmission shift profile can be set to two or three firmness levels

1.) As stupid as it sounds, the BD 40417 tuner does NOT have a 91 octane tune. Wait. What? Yes, its true. With the BD 40417 tuner you get a "regular" tune (octane unknown), a 93 tune and a 95 tune. I live at about 6,000 ft, so finding 91 octane can be an issue. I'd never get to 93 without some mixing.
2.) Traction control can be turned off but as soon as you cycle the key, you have to go through the BD menus again and turn the traction control back off. Its literally faster to just press and hold, press and hold per the "old" way to turn off the nannies each time you start the vehicle than to mess with shutting them off via the tuner.
3.) AWEFUL economy on the 93 and "regular" tune. Prior to the BD tuner, with the TRD S/C tune I could reliably get 13+mpg empty, which was at least a +2mpg improvement over the stock NA tune. With the BD tuner on the 93 tune, I am getting around 10mpg empty. Towing is around 8mpg with the 93 tune (~4,000lbs trailer).

I'm currently running the "regular" BD tune and 91 octane, not seeing any mpg improvements over the 93 tune. Exhaust pipe is covered in pure black soot...she's running a bit rich with both the "regular" and BD tune. Did not seem to run as rich with the TRD S/C tune and 91 octane (from visually inspecting the exhaust pipe)

I am probably going to do a full uninstall of the BD software until I can get sensors and actual readings. I will then log my data from the TRD S/C tune and then I will have a baseline to start from when messing around with the BD tuner.

My butt-dyno says the BD 93 tune with 91 octane is a HP improvement over the TRD S/C tune, but that is at WOT...not very noticeable during "regular" driving.
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