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Any DW owners out there ?

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Got the silver metallic DW. So far the only problem is the drivers side of the dual exhast is not mounted correctly and makes a clattering sound.

Any thoughts on headers?
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I've got almost 8300 trouble free miles on mine. Don't know anything about headers. I really like my truck...ALOT!
I agree, it's a great truck. Runs smooth as hell and has a good powerband, comes in handy when you need it.

The duals are tuned perfectly for this engine.

The only thing I have done is add a low profile KOBALT box on the back. Got tired of storing stuff in the back seat.

I got a $15 leveling kit at Walmart.
5 bags of sand sitting in between the tailgate and the wheel well. Makes the ride as smooth as a Cadillac.

Toyota sent me 4 extra sets of DW graphics. I only asked for one. Go figure...

Any thoughts on the grille? I almost want to change it out...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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