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any front brake tinstall tips ?

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I have an 01 thats been "chirping" from the front wheel area for awhile now, Im hoping that its just time for new brakes. Does anyone whos put on new pads themselves have any tips that i need to be aware of ? thanks
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I assume you have changed brake pads before.........
so the only tip I have is have some beer ready for when your done.
It wont take you long!

There is nothing that can spring up and surprise you.
The change is easy and the wheel well is huge so you can get your body in there and change out everything.
Have the rotors cut and mark what side you took each one off from so you can put it back where you got it from. Even if they look like they don't need to be cut, bring them around and have them cut. If they don't look like they need cuting then they won't take much off at all but your much better off haveing them cut so you have no problems down the road. Johnnnny
I too have been having slight sqeakss....I have thought about a complete rotor/pad upgrade, what's the time and ease factor for the fronts?
I was also told my 03 has 4 wheel disc brakes, shoudl I do all four?
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