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Any good shops to balance tires in San Antonio?

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I have tried my local spots here and that includes Walmart (<-- yes I was lazy to not drive far from the house) down the street. All shops have either done nothing, made a minimal change, or made it worse. I was hoping that someone has experience with a shop that has a Hunter balancing machine. I looked on their website and Discount does have that machine but I am kinda skeptical on the service. He quoted me 16.00 a tire which im ok with .. a little higher but all I want is to get it done right. When I asked him if I come back the next day or so IF its still not good is that covered and he said "thats for a one time balance". So im not going to fork another 60-70 again or maybe this guy doesn't know if that service is warranted for a small time period through Discount? I know the offroad tires aren't going to be perfectly balanced but I need some type of improvement. Any info would be great.

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281/Evans Discount Tire. Talk to Jeff. He is a good guy and tell him you want the Road Force Balance. He has taken care of both our MDX and my TL for balancing issues where other places could never get it right.

I will definitely take my Tundra to him once I get it if I am still in SA. Looking to move to North Texas soon.
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