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I have tried my local spots here and that includes Walmart (<-- yes I was lazy to not drive far from the house) down the street. All shops have either done nothing, made a minimal change, or made it worse. I was hoping that someone has experience with a shop that has a Hunter balancing machine. I looked on their website and Discount does have that machine but I am kinda skeptical on the service. He quoted me 16.00 a tire which im ok with .. a little higher but all I want is to get it done right. When I asked him if I come back the next day or so IF its still not good is that covered and he said "thats for a one time balance". So im not going to fork another 60-70 again or maybe this guy doesn't know if that service is warranted for a small time period through Discount? I know the offroad tires aren't going to be perfectly balanced but I need some type of improvement. Any info would be great.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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