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Any ideas??

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I'm sure all of you have noticed that when spraying windshield washer fluid while driving, the fluid runs off the windshield to the side of the truck and runs all over the side windows, and drips into the truck if your windows are down. Very annoying! Has anyone come up with a solution for this (besides rain guards)? There's got to be some sort of rubber trim piece, etc. that can be affixed to the sides of the windshield to direct the fluid downward. Any ideas?
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The wind pushing against the windshield makes the water bead up. There's really no way to beat that. The ventshade might help but I don't see the need for one. Wash your windows at a stop light! :D
Sure, I could do it at a stop light, but the water isn't going to dry in time before I start to drive again. I think I will install some rubber strips along the sides of the windshield to divert the fluid. I'll let you know how it works out.
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